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Air Conditioning Stop Leak

Prevents and stops seal or corrosion related leaks in the A/C system. Does not contain harmful polymers.

Airco Booster

Boost the performance of the A/C system and cleans it resulting in improved cabin cooling and faster demisting of windows. Reduces A/C maintenance cost.

Airco Cleaner

Professional foam based cleaner to effectively clean the air conditioning system from microbial growth and funghi. Deodorises and prevents unpleasant odours.

Airco Freshener One Shot

Spray to refresh the air conditioning and air circulation systems in vehicles. Deodorises and prevents unpleasant odours.

Car Polish

A complete and effective car paintwork reviver and finisher. Finishes and restores colour, gloss and shine on car paintwork. Different types available.

De-Icer spray

De-Icer spray defrosts windshields and carlocks rapidly.

Diesel Anti Freeze (Cold Flow Improver)

Makes diesel fuel winter-safe by preventing diesel from gelling or freezing in low temperature conditions.

Doorlock de-icer

Easy to use spray to defrost car locks rapidly.

EGR, Valve & Intake Cleaner

Effectively cleans the EGR, (air) intake, throttle and intake valves and combustion chamber from power robbing deposits and lacquer-like compounds.

Hand Cleaner Fresh Lemon

Extremely powerful hand cleaner for the removal of heavy industrial soils.

Heating Oil Additive

Increases quality and storability of heating oil. Stabilizes fuel quality, improves combustion and reduces corrosion and oxidation. A special re-odorant helps to cover the typical smell of heating oil.

Heating Oil Additive Premium

Extra concentrated additive which increases quality and storability of heating oil and agricultural diesel fuel. Stabilizes fuel quality, improves combustion and reduces corrosion and oxidation. A special re-odorant helps to cover the typical smell of heating oil.

HT Silicone Gasket Sealant

High temperature non-flowing, non-corrosive, durable, heat resistant silicone sealant suitable for bonding and assembling metal or plastic components in occasional or prolonged contact with lubricants.

PAG 46, 100, 150 Compressor Oil

High grade poly alkaline glycols for A/C compressors.

Power Steering Stop Leak

Stops and prevents power steering fluid leakage through seals and eliminates the need for expensive repairs.

Rubber Maintenance Spray

Protects and conditions rubber, plastics and leather. Prevents sticking and protects rubber seals on doors and trunk lids.

Rubber Maintenance Stick

Protects and conditions (door)rubbers and keeps them pliable. Prevents rubbers from freezing. In easy-to-use lipstick-like applicator.

Screenwash Anti-Freeze (De-Icing)

Prevents screenwash from freezing. Quickly de-ices and cleans windows. Streak free.

Tyre Mounting Paste White

High quality tyre mounting paste enabling easy mounting and disassembly of tyres. Prevents tyre movements on rim.

Universal Oil Stop Leak

Stops and prevents oil leakages through seals in engines, manual and automatic gear boxes, power steering, and hydraulic systems.

Wash and Wax

Highly effective wash and wax-in-one. Refreshes paint colour and provides an intense shine. Different types available.

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