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BORTEC Friction Fighter

New generation boron based oil additive significantly reducing friction, wear and engine noise. Prevents and delays oil-ageing. Reduces fuel and oil consumption. Restores engine power. Does not contain any solids.

Diesel Anti Bacteria

Cleans up and prevents microbial growth in fuel (storage) tanks and fuel distribution systems of diesel engines.

Diesel Anti Freeze (Cold Flow Improver)

Makes diesel fuel winter-safe by preventing diesel from gelling or freezing in low temperature conditions.

Diesel Detox Pro

All-in-one extremely concentrated and effective problem solver for all deposit related problems in diesel engines. Cleans injectors, combustion chamber, turbo and DPF. Lubricates the fuel pump. Boosts cetane number.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

Cleans injectors and keeps the entire diesel supply system and combustion chamber in optimal condition. Improves combustion and boosts cetane number.

Diesel Stop Smoke

Reduces (black) smoke and emission of hazardous exhaust gases.

DPF Regeneration Aid

A fuel additive that ensures complete and rapid diesel particulate filter regeneration. Keeps the DPF clean and resolves minor DPF problems.

Dry Fuel (Water remover)

Absorbs water from the fuel (tank). Prevents fuel system corrosion and reduces white smoke emission.

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