New website, Valvemaster Plus & E10

Brand new website

Our website is completely renewed! A whole new design, new features and more info. Additions to the website are:

  • extensive product info
  • downloadable Technical Data Sheets
  • Info about our services
  • Packaging options
  • TecLub news
  • meet the team
  • and much more!

8,1  is the average grade we have received (on a 1 to 10 scale) from our customers in our satisfaction questionnaire. This feedback really helps us improve our service level and product range. We listen to ideas for improvement such as more product innovation, information and maybe even trainings. Keep an eye on TecLub news for more updates or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Valvemaster Plus

On request of our oldtimer customers we present you Valvemaster Plus. Valvemaster Plus is a lead replacement petrol additive which offers the best protection when using unleaded petrol. It does not only protect your vehicle from Valve Seat Recession (VSR) but also contains an octane booster which eliminates engine knock and improves engine performance.

E10 Fuel Protector Premium

Ethanol based fuels tend to lubricate less and deteriorate faster than regular fuels, resulting in reduced lubrication of valves and loss of fuel octane number. This can lead to valve seat recession, engine knocking and build up of dirt / gum in the fuel system. E10 Fuel Protector Premium is an all in one fuel treatment for cars providing ethanol corrosion protection and valve seat lubrication and protection. In addition it boosts the fuel's octane number.


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