DPF Cleaner & GDPR

DPF Cleaner & GDPR

We are pleased to introduce some exciting new products to you. By reviewing their uses and benefits we will explain why these products are a great addition to your assortment of automotive aftermarket chemicals.

New and improved DPF cleaner

As part of our ongoing quest to provide you with the best possible products, we are pleased to inform you that we have further improved our successful DPF Cleaner which comes in an easy to use aerosol.

The new product has been sophistically re-formulated with highly active detergents to deliver the best possible cleaning for a dirty Diesel Particulate Filter. The new formulation produces a thicker foam which will enable the detergents to soak longer for a superior cleaning effect. For better results, the DPF Cleaner is now filled with a propane/butane mixture which means that the can will be emptied more properly.

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DPF refill fluid for onboard dosing systems

We can now offer a universal DPF refill fluid to refill the onboard diesel particulate filter (DPF) fluid dosing systems installed by ever more vehicle manufacturers. This is a cost-efficient alternative to the most common OEM fluids and can be personalized to your own style and brand. The DPF refill fluid helps to reduce the combustion temperature of soot resulting in a quick and thorough regeneration of the DPF. By using first class Cerium-based raw materials, the risk of ash residues in the DPF will be minimized, resulting in extended DPF life and trouble-free operation of the DPF system. Besides the DPF refill fluid, we can also offer you a premium cerium-based DPF regeneration aid fuel additive with the best possible performance.

DPF Light

GDPR compliant

TecLub is now GDPR compliant! All our contacts have received an e-mail on how we handle data based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We consider data protection as a high priority and handle data with care. Take a look at our privacy statement.

UFI code

From 2020 it will be mandatory in Europe to have a UFI code registered for all products classified for health or physical hazards. This Unique Formula Identifier code is a 16-character code which will be linked to a registration at poison centres and which needs to be present on product labels. Please consider this for any upcoming orders and (label) designs. More about this topic will follow later.


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