Diesel Air Revive Kit & MOT Pack

Diesel Air Revive

We are proud to introduce the new Diesel Air Revive Kit, a highly effective, professional 2-step cleaning solution for the air intake, combustion chamber and the EGR system of diesel engines.

Due to the design and complexity of modern diesel engines, pollution of the air intake system can have a big impact on the reliability and running costs. A clean air intake system is vital to guarantee optimal performance and will increase the engine’s lifespan resulting in lower operational costs.

The Diesel Air Revive kit consists of a dedicated hardware kit and a set of 2 fluids, each containing special detergents to effectively target contamination in the air intake, combustion chamber, intake valves, injector tips and turbo variable vanes.

Diesel Air Revive Kit hardware

Key benefits of the Diesel Air Revive Kit include:

-  Effectively cleans the air intake, throttle valve, combustion chamber, injector tips and turbo.
-  Improves engine performance, fuel economy, engine idling and starting.
-  Increases lifetime of sensitive components like catalysts and diesel particulate filters.
-  Reduces harmful emissions of hazardous exhaust gas.

MOT Pack - pass your technical vehicle inspection

Regulations on vehicle emissions are getting more and more strict around the globe. Passing the emission test during the annual technical inspection can prove to be difficult for car owners. In many cases, this is caused by internal contamination and deposits inside the engine. To overcome this issue, TecLub has introduced the MOT Pack. The MOT Pack is available in a diesel and a petrol version and combines a highly concentrated fuel treatment with a sophisticated engine oil treatment.

The fuel treatment (diesel or petrol) cleans the entire fuel and combustion system, including injectors, turbo and DPF, reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases and improves fuel economy. The engine oil additive prevents and stops oil leakage, reduces exhaust smoke and oil consumption and increases the engine’s performance. This is especially interesting for those countries where oil leakage is now part of the standard inspection procedure, like for example France. Both additives can be filled in either a longneck bottle or a metal can and are packed together in an attractive full color display carton, suitable for sales in retail or in garages/workshops.

MOT pack

Key benefits of the MOT Pack include:

-  Helps in passing the vehicle’s periodical technical inspection.
-  Reduces harmful emissions.
-  Improves engine performance and compression.
-  Reduces fuel consumption.
-  Seals oil leakage and prevents excessive oil burning.

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